Monday, February 13, 2012

Luscious Mango Shrikhand/ Yogurt

Nairobi, as fresh as the sparkling dew, as beautiful as the blossoming flowers, and as amicable as the grazing giraffes; a perfect holiday destination pertaining to its luscious green grasslands and mystical forests. Summer is shining its glory, and sun-rays are penetrating enough to burn and tan your skin. While going out on a Sunday after-noon to the Masai Market for some tribal shopping, I saw a young lady with a small kiddo resting on the road-corner, selling some mangoes. The little one was dancing around her mom, hiding in the surrounding bushes, and playing with the twigs and leaves. And then suddenly I realized that she was the tiny doll my hubby was telling about the last night. The two-some, mommy and daughter, sit in the scorching summers, selling fruits, especially mangoes to earn their daily breads. The first thought that flashed a smile on my face was the fact that they were not begging, but earning to survive. I adore such people who decide to work rather than to beg on the road-sides, and I respect such mothers who take this plunge of raising their kids just on their own without a wrinkle of worry on their forehead. I bought some mangoes from this lady, and I can't measure the  sweetness these mangoes carried, not just in terms of taste, but the warmth with which they were passed on with. My recipe for today has all that sweetness stirred in to the core, and for sure this is one of the best Shrikhands I've had till date. :)


Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: None
Serves: 4

Fun Facts:
- Even inedible parts of the mango have interesting uses. The bark, leaves, skin and
  pit have been used as folk remedies for centuries.
- Mangoes are bursting with protective nutrients. The vitamin content depends upon the
  variety and maturity of the fruit. When the mango is immature the amount of vitamin
  C is higher, as it ripens the amount of beta carotene (vitamin A) increases.
- Mangoes are distantly related to a few plants that you'd probably never guess: the
  cashew and pistachio.

1. Fully Ripe Mango: 1 ( Big and sweet)
2. Hung Curd/ Yogurt: 2 small cups
3. Sugar: 4 tbs or as per taste (also depends on the amount of sugar contained in the mango by itself)
4. Milk: 1/4 cup

  1. Peel out the mango skin and cube the flesh, excluding the inner seed. In simple words, take the mango flesh and cut it in small cubes/pieces. Save some finely cut cubes separately for garnish.
  2. Push the remaining cubed mango into a blender/juicer with the milk and sugar, and then pulse it till you get a smooth mango pulp/paste. 
  3. Now add the hung curd or yogurt to it and give a strong stir so as to blend them well. 
  4. For ease, you can use a blender for this too, but I prefer using a spoon to do that, because blending hard and fast can sometimes cause the curd to leave butter if it is too chilled.
  5. Ornament the Mango Shrikhand/Yogurt with the saved mango delights/cubes.
  1. Always prefer fully ripe mangoes for preparing this which are sweet in taste.
  2. If you are using home-made curd, please make sure that it is fresh and not sour. 
  3. Hang the curd in a muslin cloth for 1 hour prior to use, for getting the perfect creamy texture.
  4. Adjust the sugar addition as per your taste and based on the glucose the mango already carries.

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