Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May Event: Cooking Made Easy with Mango

When you are at your mom's place, the world turns into a paradise, rather like a dream world of Cindrella. I feel, and moreover, I am treated no less than a princess when I'm in this 'City of Lakes'. I get all that I want, from Paav Bhaji to Ras Malai, from Pani Puri to Falooda, from trendy outfits to brilliant footwears, and from love to all that adorable attention. Well, keeping this aside, let me announce the surprise ingredient for this month's 'Cooking Made Easy Series'. I'm already very late in announcing this since I was busy hogging on mom cooked food and some family get together. (What a stupid excuse, no!! :P))

This month's surprise ingredient is:
The King of Fruits: Mango

The rules to participate can be found here.

You can make smoothies, shakes, pickles, salads, juices, squash, desserts, ice-creams, kulfis, kebabs, amrakhand, just anything that pings your heart and brain.


1. Mango Milk Shake
2. Raw Mango Thokku (pickle)
3. Mango milkshake and dessert
4. Mango Lassi
5. Mango Avocado Salsa
6. Eggless Mango Cake
7. Eggless Mango Icecream
8. Fruit Salad in Mango Sauce
9. Instant Raw Mango Pickle
10. Tango With Mango
11. mango lassi
12. Mango Paratha
13. Mango Pasta Salad
14. Mango Shrikhand
15. Mango Vermicelli
17. Mango wheat Halwa
18. Mango Shrikhand
19. Kacche Aam ki Chutney
20. Cream O Mango
21. Mango Panna Cotta
22. Mango raita
23. Mango Papaya Jam
24. Fresh Mango Pickle
25. Mambazha Pulissery
26. Mango Bread Laddoos
27. And I fell in love with Avocado & Mango Salad
28. Mango Icecandy /Popsicles
29. Mango and vermicelli halwa
30. Raw Mango Chutney
31. Mango Nungu Milk
32. Mango Milkshake
33. Mango Mint Mocktail
34. Chatpata Mango Salsa
35. Mango Lychee Delight
36. Irresistible Mango Kheer

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  1. Nice choice! Perfect for the season. Will send in my entries
    SYF & HWS - Fennel Seeds

  2. Planning to post a shake soon. will link it to ur event :)

  3. perfect for this season. Will try to send some

  4. Super event !! will surly link my entries !!

    Ongoing event CC:Mom’s Recipe

  5. Happy hosting


  6. nice,,,,,,nice..perfect for the season when we're drowning in mangoes...happy hosting.

  7. Nice event. Do join my space here and spread your events www.sarafoodevents.blogspot.com I have posted my entry.

  8. "when you are at your mom's place, the world turns into a paradise, rather like a dream world of Cindrella" - agree 1000%! :)Nice event and such an app theme for this time of the year. I will try to join you guys!

  9. Hi anjali, thanks for dropping by, so i can still link my entry here as it was done just a week or so before?

  10. ok added my mango raita and nice event.

  11. thanks for letting me know of this event...added my jam

  12. Hi Anjali...thank you for visiting JCO. linked my recipe here . TC

  13. Anjali: thanks for going through my blog.

    I am impressed by your event and hence sending Mango Bread Laddoos to your event.

  14. Linked my recipe here :) Happy to follow you

  15. Thanks for dropping by...linked Mango Milkshake to your event...happy hosting and nice blog

  16. Hi I miss ur event :( Nice blog I too followed ur blog.Do plz visit my blog Hi V glad to join this event given by jagruti madam... Plz follow on my blog .Ur blog is awesome.


    Awaiting to hear ur comments :)



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