Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"Cooking is an art that cannot be learnt by books; it needs a creative mind that can experiment with taste beyond degrees of normal imagination. If you love experimenting with spices, cereals, fruits, vegetables and just anything that strikes you while shopping in a grocery store, it's time to polish this art and discover the cook within you."

I never liked stepping into the kitchen and 'cook' something till I was 25...those were the days of enjoying mom's recipes and the yummy food exclusively cooked by her for your family. For me, cooking was always an unwanted job to carry on. But then came a time when I entered my own kitchen and the mindset changed entirely. I was still struggling with the basic forms of cooking when I had a strange encounter with the recipe of 'Microwaved Besan Laddoos.' I can never forget how these 'besan ke laddoos' changed my life. Now, I feel really happy in saying that I love cooking; in fact, I should say: 'I love experimental cooking'.

Cooking is not only making 'dal-chawal' and 'sabji-chapati', but it's much much more than that.In my cooking journey of 3 years, I have loved to experiment with almost 70 types of sweets and desserts, 60 types of snacks and savories and the list goes on. The flavors start from Rajasthan, and touching the boundaries of Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, South-India, find their way to the Chinese, Italian and Mexican Kitchens. My cooklog is all about how to develop interest in cooking just by trying out some recipes of your own. I really hope it can inspire a few out of you to enter your kitchen today with a new zeal and the confidence of being a 'cooking lover' rather than a 'good cook'.


  1. nice recipes yaar....will surely try them once.

    keep posting new recipes :-)

  2. yummy recipes....specially the corn Koftas

  3. @ Shipra: Thanks sweetie! Ya, new recipes are on the way...will keep posting new ones every alternate day or so...
    @ Sandhya: Thanks a lot dear! M pleased to see someone finding the experiments good... :)


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