Monday, June 14, 2010

Malai Kofta

The weekend has come and again it's time for party!
I was boiling milk in the morning and thinking what to make for the evening and then achanak se yaad aaya...why not curdle it, prepare some paneer and make delicious 'Malai Kofta'?


For Koftas:
Boiled Potatoes - 2, Paneer - 1/2 cup, Mava/Khoya - 1 cup, Corn Flour - 2 tablespoons, salt, cashew nuts, raisins(kishmish), and oil.

For gravy: Tomatoes - 2, Onions -2, soaked cashew nuts - 5-6, green chilies - 1-2, cumin seeds(jeera), cumin powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder, red chili powder, salt, 2 tablespoons paneer mashed, 2 tablespoons khoya/mava crushed, full cream - 3 tablespoons, coriander leaves for garnishing.

Method: Take the boiled potatoes, mash them and add the mashed paneer, khoya, corn flour, and salt to it. Prepare a soft dough with this without adding any water. Now make 8-9 balls with it with cashews and raisins filled in the middle of the ball.
Take a pan and heat enough oil in it. Deep fry the balls/koftas on a medium flame till they turn golden brown. Take them out and keep aside. If you think that the balls are splitting in the oil, it may be due to excessive heating of the oil or due to excess water content in the balls. Add a little cornflour extra to avoid this splitting and deep fry on a low to medium flame then.
For the gravy, take the onions and green chilies and grind them in a mixer. After this, grind the tomatoes with the cashew nuts separately. Now take 2 tablespoons oil in a pan and heat it. Add cumin seeds followed by the onion chili paste and fry well till the oil separates out. Now add the tomato cashew paste and fry well. Add all the spices and salt to it and cook well till the masala gets properly fried. Add the mashed paneer and khoya to it and cook. Add water for required consistency and take a boil. Add the koftas to this boiling curry and cook for 5 minutes. At last garnish with cream and coriander leaves.

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