Thursday, March 17, 2011

Summer special... Shrikhand


This probably is the easiest side-dish to make for your lunch and can also be served as dessert.

Just take some fresh curd and hang it in a clean white cotton cloth for 2 hours so that the extra water drains out leaving behind a creamy texture.
You could hang this cloth anywhere as per your convenience (but of course don't try it on your ceiling fan! ;))
Now take this hung curd in a bowl. Add sugar to it. Eg. 3 tablespoons sugar in 1 cup of curd or as per your taste.
You could give different colours to this shrikhand by adding flavours of your choice. Eg. -
1. Kesar Elaichi Shrikhand: Just add a few strands of kesar(saffron) and little cardamom powder.
2. Mango Shrikhand: Add some mango pulp to this to give a tangy taste.
3. Chocolate Shrikhand: You could add some chocolate syrup to it as well as top it with chocolate curls or grated dairy milk. :)
4. Dry Fruit Shrikhand: Add dry fruits of your choice (powdered/crushed/sliced).
5. Fruit Shrikhand: Add any fruit pulp/pieces to make it even healthier. Eg: Apple/ Strawberry/ Grape etc.

Refrigerate this for 2-3 hrs and serve cold.

Try this recipe for your lunch today and I'm sure you'll feel refreshed. :)

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